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Akshay Saxena Foundation is a newly formed Not for Profit Organization for the welfare of animals in memory of our son Akshay and our beloved family dog Kaiser.

Foundation's Vision

Akshay Saxena Foundation envisions a world where every animal leads a life of dignity and respect. We believe in a NO KILL policy.

We look to provide a safe refuge for injured, abused, abandoned and permanently handicapped animals for the rest of their lives in a cage free environment.

In its infancy stage, the foundation will support other like minded animal welfare organizations by providing food, medical and other essential supplies.

We will also participate in annual sterilization drives and vaccine drives for rabies, distemper and parvo combination (DHPP)

The Foundation is an INDEPENDENT organization in that it will provide services for any animal in need through contributions from private individuals, corporates and interest generated from investment of the corpus.

The community will maintain its dedication to animals above all.

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Until one has loved an animal a part of one's soul remains unawakened.

- Anatole France
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